Netflix is Likely to offer Multiple ad Plans to its Customers

Ted Sarandos, one of the co-chief executive officers at Netflix that the streaming giant is likely to roll out an ad-supported subscription plan in the near future. His comments came just a few days after the company debuted its first ad-supported offerings.

Netflix already provides different options, ranging in price from $9.99 per month to $19.99, for users who do not wish to watch advertisements throughout their viewing experience.

Sarandos stated at the UBS TMT conference that the company would most likely implement a similar strategy for the model funded by advertisements as the business expands.

We have to work on several tiers yet, so it’s convincible that we will have multiple tiers over time, Sarandos said. The product itself will involve, in what he expects will be quite dramatic ways, but in a more measured, progressive fashion.

After years of avoiding placing an advertisement on its platform, Netflix finally gave in and collaborated with Microsoft to introduce a new, less expensive place that includes ads and costs only USD 6.99 per month.

The decision comes as Netflix is under pressure to find new methods to boost income as a result of the slowing growth of its customer base and the intensification of competition.

Sarandos stated that the firm will focus on tackling password sharing in 2023 in another effort to grow revenue, and he also mentioned that the company would be taking these steps.

Netflix has stated that more than 100 million homes are utilizing a shared password, with 30 million of those households located in the United States.

Sarandos said most people are enjoying Netflix, literally for free today. He also adds these users also add to of value to it.

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