Netflix Is Working On a Brand New AAA PC Game Project

San Francisco, Netflix, a popular streaming network, has recently posted job advertisements for a variety of positions for a project that is being characterized as a brand-new AAA PC game.

According to the sources, the company has just revealed a plan to open a games studio in Southern California and has listed job openings for a game director, an art direction, and a technical director.

The fact that it is an unannounced project is the only piece of information that is currently available. As per the sources, the platform is looking for someone who can serve as the leadership traits of one of Netflix’s first generation of internally generated original games in order to fill the job of game director.

The streaming behemoth has made its mobile games available to the user of the android, iPhone, and iPad platforms. There are also job listings for lead engineers and lead artists.

Sonny left the company behind Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment, while the company was dealing with a California lawsuit for discrimination and sexual harassment as well as an inquiry by the Exchange Commission and Securities.

AAA projects are the most important games with development teams and very large budgets in the video game industry. The game director is in charge of developing the characters/narrative world that is well-intentioned for a Netflix TV/ film series.

The 40 different games are currently offered by the company. There are spin-off games based on popular Netflix shows like classic mobile games like racing games and runner, card games, original titles, and Stranger Things.

The business model for Netflix’s games is quite simple for now. If one is a subscriber of Netflix, one can play and download all games in the Netflix game library.

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