Kate Hudson Acknowledged Nepotism Is Real

Kate Hudson, an actor, has stated that while she doesn’t care about the controversy surrounding nepotism in Hollywood and the privileges that come along with it, the practice is perhaps more prevalent in other aspects of life than it is in the American entertainment industry.

This statement was made in the midst of a growing debate regarding nepotism in Hollywood and the privileges that come along with it.

The actress who appeared in Glass Onion went on to say that nepotism is not something that is only prevalent in the entertainment industry and pointed to other fields in which she has seen the practice of nepo-baby advantages in action.

It is something that is captured in the magazine feature, which looks into the presence of nepotism in a variety of fields, ranging from sports and fashion to publishing and the arts, said Hudson.

Hudson in an interview said she believes that there are other fields of endeavor where it is more typical. She further added by saying that she observes it far more frequently in the business world than I do in the entertainment industry.

In the end, Hudson claims that she cares less about a person’s history of involvement in the entertainment industry and more about whether or not they put in a lot of effort and produce good results.

She went on to explain that it was irrelevant to her “where one came from or what others relationship is to the business.” It doesn’t matter how hard one works as long as you’re successful in the end.

Jamie Lee Curtis has also commented, saying, “the current discourse around nepo babies is basically aimed to try to degrade, denigrate, and harm,” despite her earlier admission that nepotism exists.

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