Google Is Shutting Down Its Stadia Game Streaming Service; Here’s Why

Google reportedly mentioned in a recent blog post it is officially shutting down its game streaming service Stadia. Unveiled on stage at GDC over two and a half years ago, the service is set to shut down for good.

Apparently, subscribers can access the games library until January 18 of next year. The search engine giant expects all refunds for subscribers to be issued by that time.

A little while ago in July, Google tweeted Stadia isn’t shutting down. The team is always working to bring more great games to the platform, the tweet said.

Before announcing Stadia’s shutdown plans, Google had been offerings months-long trials to users to build an audience. However, the platform did not get as much traction with users as expected, the tech major said.

Phil Harrison, Stadia’s VP and GM, said the infrastructure it built for the streaming service is kind of a silver lining. Google plans to use this technology to enable low-latency game streaming.

In the near future, Google could be seen bringing this technology to Google Play, YouTube, and its AR technologies. The tech giant said it also plans to make the technology available to its industry partners.

The blogpost further said Google is deeply committed to gaming and would continue investing in new technologies, platforms, and tools that empower developers, creators, and customers.

To date, Stadia has received generally positive reviews from users. However, with rivals like Amazon, Microsoft, and Sony giving stiff competition, Google seemed to face an uphill battle.

The search engine giant shut down Stadia Games and Entertainment, its own internal studio, in February. The studio was created to bring exclusive first-party games to Stadia. At the time, Google said it aims to deepen its business partnerships while developing its proven Stadia technology.

Reportedly, Google will transfer several employees on the Stadia team to other internal positions.

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