Apple Is Rolling Out a New iPhone Update with Plenty of New Features

The most recent upgrade to Apple’s iPhone operating system, known as iOS 16.1, will soon be made available, the company said in a news statement. As per the company, this new update coming out for iPhone 8 and later users and it adds plenty of new features that weren’t available in iOS 16’s initial release in September.

In addition, Clean Energy Charging will be included in the iOS 16.1 release. According to Apple, this will enable customers to optimize charging for times when greener energy sources are available, which will assist to lessen the carbon footprint left by your iPhone.

A subscription to Fitness+, which includes both guided workouts and meditations, can be purchased for either $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Whenever a customer purchases a brand-new iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV from Apple, they will receive a free trial of Apple’s Fitness+ service for a period of three months.

With the release of iOS 16.1, subscribers to Apple Fitness+ on the iPhone can use the service regardless of whether or not they have an Apple Watch.

If users won’t have Apple Watch, they can’t track their progress in terms of calories burned or current heart rate while using Fitness+.

According to Apple Vice President, Craig Federighi, iOS 16 is a major release with enhancements that will fundamentally alter the iPhone experience.

He further added that the firm has reimagined the Lock Screen with exciting new attributes that make iPhone more personal and helpful.

Craig Federighi also stated that we are also introducing iCloud Shared Photo Library for families; we have improved the efficiency of messaging and email with new features; we have tapped into the power of artificial intelligence with enhancements to Live Text and Visual Look Up, and we have streamlined the way we work with photos with Live Photos.

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