Baking Bash Mobile Game Is Coming to Netflix!

American Streaming giant Netflix has reportedly made an exciting announcement that it will be expanding its selection of games to include one that is inspired by its critically acclaimed series Nailed It!

According to company officials, Baking Bash is the game’s name, and it will be available for download on October 4, just one day before the premiere of Season 7 of the baking competition show on October 5.

The game also features a multiplayer option where players may challenge their friends to see who can make the most desserts in the allotted period of time. Further, each player has the ability to deploy a variety of distractions to increase the difficulty of the opponents’ bakes.

The game, created by Paladin studios in the Netherland, has players preparing themed cakes by completing a series of timed minigames.

If sources are to be believed, there is also a solo practice available where one can hone their baking capabilities without interruption.

The company claims that by the end of the year, it will add more than 50 games to its platform. Since the launch of Netflix’s gaming service in November 2021, the streaming giant has consistently updated its library with new titles to increase its consumer base.

One can enjoy these games without paying a penny, and no in-game purchases are available. Netflix also announced they are developing features that allow members to rank themselves competitively on gaming leaderboards and play mobile games with one another and the ability to invite other users to play games with you.

About Netflix:

Netflix, Inc. is an U.S.-based subscription streaming service and production firm based in California. The streaming platform allows members to watch TV shows and movies without commercials on an internet-connected device.

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