WeWork Launches On-demand Work Pod for Better Interactions

Former WeWork China head of innovation and technology, Dominic Penaloza, is introducing a risky concept of on-demand work booths in public areas and has raised capital for the business in the face of China’s zero-COVID policy continued disruption of offline work and face-to-face interactions.

To avoid noisy cafes and crowded offices, Penaloza named his new venture Peace to lift mental health for those using the firm’s privacy-first space and quiet. From a group of business partners and entrepreneurs, Peace made an announcement this week that it has raised a seven-figure funding round.

Penaloza’s online exploration of remote and part-time employment has resulted in the most recent iteration of the project, Peace. The executive in 2019 has led an initiative within WeWork China to introduce pay-as-you-go spaces to maintain a flexible culture.

The following year, he started his own Proptech-focused startup studio, where he incubated a similar on-demand workspace service by partnering with third-party landlords.

Peace, a Shanghai-based company that has only been around for seven months, debuted its portable pods in three upscale shopping centers and two downtown office buildings just last week.

Penaloza speaking over a video call from inside one of the pods in the mall, said the company plans to roll out thousands of them throughout the city in the coming year.

The founder said we are selling this service on demand. If sources are to be believed, these booths will be equipped with security cameras. He further added it is more vital to make users sense that it’s really a 100% of private area.

As per the firm, the space is fit for 4 people, and they are usually 3 or 5 MTR big. The portable box comes with electric sockets, Wi-Fi, soundproof walls, ventilation fans, and an app-enabled lock.

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