Samsung Reveals Future AI Prospects At The 2022 Samsung AI Forum

At the Samsung AI forum 2022, a multitude of world-famous academics, researchers from Samsung Electronics and industry leaders will get together to give their perspectives on the trajectory of Artificial intelligence in the years to come.

The Samsung AI forum returns for its sixth year in the upcoming weeks of this year. This is the first in-person gathering in that time period.

Over 1,200 people are scheduled to attend this international conference, which will be held in November at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology.

Experts in Artificial intelligence got together to talk about where the field is headed, with the goal of setting new benchmarks in Ai-based semiconductors, at a conference titled shaping the future with AI and Semiconductors.

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman, CEO, and Head of Device experience, Jong-Hee Han, gave the day’s opening comments.

Jong-Hee Han predicts that AI technology will bring better convenience and novel experiences for all while also laying the groundwork for other significant advances in numerous fields and applications, including next-generation semiconductors.

Professor of the University of Montreal, Canada, Yoshua Bengio, introduces Bayesian World Models in their latest research that explores design and theories experiments in the field of general Artificial Intelligence and science.

Executive Vice President Changkyu Choi, Head of SAIT’s AI Research Center, shared the vision and status of Samsung’s research on Artificial Intelligence. He further added how AI is helping the material development and semiconductors field.

Minjoon Seo, a professor at KAIST, in a session named “Recent Advances of AI Algorithms,” and a professor at Seoul National University, Hyunoh Song has given a presentation on the algorithms of AI for ultra-accurate semantic search based on significant language model-based interface.

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