Avatar: The Way of Water keeps Drenching the Box Office Competition

In its first week of release, the long-awaited sequel to the picture with the biggest global grossing of all time failed to live up to the initial expectations that were set for it at the box office.

The film’s domestic gross was USD 134 million, which fell short of the USD 175 million that pundits in the industry had estimated it would make and was also somewhat lower than the range that Disney had projected of USD 135 million to USD 150 million.

Despite having the fifth-highest opening of the year and nearly doubling the opening weekend of its predecessor, many box office analysts are skeptical that “The Way of Water” would be able to fulfill Cameron’s lofty goal of USD 2 billion at the global box office because of the film’s softer-than-expected opening.

As of this past Thursday, the movie had grossed over USD 600 million all over the world, which is a little bit more than one-fourth of the way to Cameron’s aim for profitability.

The second week of a film’s release provides the best indication of how well it will do financially. Analysts in the entertainment industry frequently look to the decline in attendance that a movie experiences during its second week as an indication of whether or not the movie will have life at the box office or whether or not it will swiftly fade out.

The majority of films often see a decline of between fifty and seventy percent. After hitting unprecedented levels during their opening weekends, major tentpole films that are part of Disney’s

The film “Top Gun: Maverick,” which was distributed by Paramount and Skydance, experienced a drop in ticket sales of only 29% during its second week in theatres.

As per the sources, the movie has grossed more than USD 1.4 billion at box offices throughout the world, and it was shown in cinemas for more than 200 days before it was made accessible on the Paramount+ streaming service.

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