Modern Warfare II Crosses $1 Bn in 15 Days to set Franchise Records

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, published by Activision, has broken numerous records by achieving a sell-through of $1 dollars within the first ten days of release. This achievement beats the previous franchise record of 15 days, which was set by call of duty Black Ops II in 2012.

Activision stated that player engagement is continuing to skyrocket as a result of the fact that the players of the Modern welfare II have already played more than 200 million hours and over a billion matches across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, stated in a statement that our developers, along with our entire Activision Blizzard team, are the backbone of our steadiest commitment to service our hundreds of millions of gamers across the world.

He further added that he is extremely proud of the fantastic work that our call of duty teams have put in with Modern Warfare II and the records they have reached as a result of those efforts.

Bobby Kotick said that the secret to our company’s success is in our ability to build joy, enjoyment, and the excitement of competition to people all over the world. This has been delivered to millions of players more expediently and with a higher level of satisfaction than ever before, thanks to Modern Warfare II.

The firm claims that thousands of developers from 12 studios are working on the newest game. General Manager of Call of Duty, Johanna Faries, said in a statement that the incredible momentum driving Modern Warfare II is a passion of the Call of Duty community and a direct reflection of the energy.

She further added that we are encouraged to deliver again for the best player community in the world because of an unprecedented level of support for Warzone 2.0’s and Modern Warfare II.

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