New MR Features Will Be Featured In Arthur’s VR Office Solution

Today, Arthur, a leading VR office provider, announced the addition of “New Realities” to its virtual office solution.

Using these features, users can carry their physical desk and keyboard into VR, utilizing the global passthrough functionality demonstrated by Meta at Connect 2022. With this release, Arthur becomes one of the first VR office solutions to offer MR functionalities to its users, barely two weeks after Meta Connect 2022.

Arthur enables businesses to build huge-scale virtual offices with cutting-edge, collaborative settings and immersive. In Arthur’s virtual offices, updates at the New Realities make the first wave of Mixed Reality features available.

Founded in 2016, Arthur has been at the forefront of VR collaboration technology since testing the first iterations of its solution in 2016. Arthur has developed a strong product, personnel, and knowledge of what businesses require from a VR office solution over the course of these years.

Numerous international businesses, including those in pharmaceuticals, energy, consulting, finance, and insurance, are already served by Arthur’s platform. Arthur’s usage is steadily rising as it continues to gain major traction. Enterprise users have used Arthur for a total of much more than 1.6 million minutes just in 2021. Future prospects are even more promising thanks to this “New Realities” update and the impending productivity updates.

Today, Arthur offers a VR office solution aimed at delivering the best distant productivity to a variety of Fortune 500 companies and large enterprises. Top-tier clients of Arthur’s include the United Nations and Societe Generale, who use the technology to lead their industries in using VR workplaces to rethink work to accommodate evolving employee needs and the needs of the globe.

The New Realities advances will bring about a significant change by presenting a completely new range of options.

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