Discord to Roll Out New Activities, Light Games, and New App Store

Discord has announced various upgrades for its platform where users can play casual games. It has created an App Directory where users can download apps from a third party.

The company also announced various enhancements. The platform has also set its USD 5 million funds for investing in its app development.

These apps can be easily available to 150 million users. These apps provide a good understanding of the monthly users and active consumer base.

VP of the platform ecosystem, Anjney Midha said that these efforts are part of Discord’s dedication for building platform ecosystems. Discord was launched in 2015, which allows people to talk to each other and hang out after a video game.

Midha continued by saying that activities are the new feature that merges fun experiences into voice channels and allows users to watch videos and play games together with just a single click.

The company has been adding more features for varied audiences. It has a wide place to hang out with your people. Moreover, it has now become a place for creators and developers for building sustainable businesses.

Millions have taken up Nitro subscriptions for premium features on Discord. Over 30% of the servers are dependent on premium features such as playing fun games, customizations, and safe conversations.

Shared experiences are the main pillar of Discord, with 85% of users saying that they play with their friends and bond on a regular basis.

Midha said that if users wanted to go back to the voice channel and main icon, users would have more controls and the rocket icon would be there.

Today, Discord has started various activities so that users can interact more such as playing games and watching videos.

The platform is taking on connections, having better access to them, and enabling the partnerships to be more useful.

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