Avatars In 3D Are Now Available On WhatsApp

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO, announced Wednesday that avatars would soon be available on WhatsApp. WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp beta tracker, first noted the test in June following a lengthy beta test lasting several months.

Months after its launch on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, WhatsApp has started distributing 3D avatars for its users worldwide that may be used as profile images or customized stickers.

According to WhatsApp, users could choose one of 36 original stickers representing different moods and actions or use a personalized avatar as their profile picture. Avatar stickers on WhatsApp are similar to those on Apple’s Memoji stickers and Snap’s Bitmoji.

The maker of the popular instant messaging program stated that the avatar is a computer-generated image of you that can be created from countless combinations of your facial features, distinctive haircuts, and clothing.

Once the feature is available, WhatsApp users can generate their avatars from the Settings menu. The messenger app will also get a “Utilize Avatar” option inside the profile image settings, allowing users to utilize their virtual twin as a profile photo, according to information on a FAQ page.

Also disclosed by WhatsApp was the anticipated arrival of aesthetic enhancements, shading, lighting, and hairdo textures.

According to WhatsApp, customers can no longer use the WhatsApp avatar on Facebook or Instagram and cannot use the Instagram or Facebook Meta avatar on WhatsApp. To utilize an avatar on WhatsApp, users must create a new one.

A 3D avatar modeled after Meta introduced Bitmoji in 2019 on Facebook and Messenger. Initially, the service was only available in Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and Canada. However, the social networking giant later increased its presence in the U.S. in 2020. Instagram avatars were unveiled in late January.

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