Netflix Advances Cloud Gaming Goals With New South California Office

It seems like international streaming giant Netflix is eyeing the cloud gaming space. Reportedly, the company is planning to open a new gaming studio in South California. With this announcement, Netflix is apparently upping its game development game.

This is the company’s fifth studio; just last month, a former Zynga GM opened a location for Netflix in Helsinki, Finland. Other companies that create games that appeal to various tastes include Boss Fight Entertainment, Night School Studio, and Finland’s Next Games.

In an effort to sell video games that people can play without having a costly gaming machine or sought-after console, Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s Luna have made the same move. However, these services have had trouble becoming widely used. Google just announced that Stadia would be discontinued in January.

The difficult decision to start winding down the streaming service was made even though Stadia’s strategy for providing consumers with game streaming was based on a solid technological foundation. “Stadia made the difficult decision to begin winding down the streaming service,” wrote Stadia VP and GM Phil Harrison in a blog post.

Verdu believes that rather than the technology itself, these products’ failures were caused by their business models.

Although Verdu was hesitant to say whether we can anticipate a Netflix gaming controller in the future, both Stadia and Luna have dedicated controllers.

Following an SEC investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination at the leading gaming firm, Sonny made his resignation from Blizzard public last year.

Since announcing its entry into the gaming market, Netflix has 35 titles available and 14 more in development in its own studios. Verdu reported having 55 games active currently in total. These games have content based on both licensed IPs like SpongeBob SquarePants and creator IPs like “Stranger Things.” Additionally, Netflix is making its own video games.

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