Entertainment Firm Disney Eager to get Approval for a Release Date

According to people familiar with the situation, Chinese authorities have informed Walt Disney Company of DIS -1.40 % decrease; in a red down-pointing triangle, Avatar: The way of water will be released in China on December 16, the same day it is scheduled to be released globally.

Executives from Disney and other movie theatre chains have been keeping a closer eye out for a verdict from Chinese censors on the film, which is the filmmaker James Cameron’s follow-up to the science fiction blockbuster that was released in 2009.

According to the senior media analyst at Comscore, Paul Dergarabedian, this is wonderful news for Disney, for James Cameron, and for the movies because the potential box office from china is immense.

According to the critics, this may be the defining moment that indicates that the way of water will earn enough money to justify further installments of the Avatar franchise.

The Way of Water, Director James Cameron has not placed a price tag on the making of the movie but gave a rough estimate of $250 million.

The director and writer, in an interview with GQ magazine, said that the budget for this sequel is quite high enough that the movie will need to become the third or fourth-earning film in history.

According to the firm makers, $2.13 billion of the movie’s total $2.91 billion in sales of the ticket came from outside the domestic market.

If sources are to be believed, China was the second highest-grossing theatrical market in the world prior to the pandemic. Further, it has been one of the quickest markets to generate and recover box office success. China made $910 million at the box office.

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