Meta Announces Yet Another VR Headset Which Is Coming Out Next Year

Meta recently announced the USD 1,499 Quest Pro VR headset, aimed at hardcore users, particularly those who will use it for business. Existing headsets, however, like the Quest 2, are made to let regular people experience the Metaverse as the business envisions it.

The Quest 2 currently sells for USD 399, although Meta raised the price by USD 100 this summer to try to make up for lost revenue.

Next year, Meta will reportedly roll out a new consumer-grade virtual reality headset as a follow-up to the Quest 2.

The company reportedly disclosed this during its recent Q3 earnings call, during which it reported a further USD 3 billion quarterly loss on its investments in the Metaverse.

Creating the new computing platform will take time. However, it is obvious that they are taking the lead here.

During the earnings call, Zuckerberg stated that this is a huge project and that it frequently takes several iterations of each product for it to catch on with the public.

Zuckerberg apparently believes that the work they do would be historically significant and lay the groundwork for a completely new way in which they will connect with one another and integrate technology into people’s daily lives, as well as the long-term success of the company.

However, according to CFO David Wehner, some of this ongoing expense can be attributed to Meta’s sustained investment in the creation of additional hardware, including another consumer-grade headset that would be released the following year.

Wehner said the only thing they do know for sure about Meta’s new headset is that it is in the works. However, Meta left many hints about the Quest Pro, formerly known as “Project Cambria,” to hype up the next-generation VR headset, so it’s just a matter of time before we find out more.

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