Tribo Raises USD 1.17 Million for Web3 Multiplayer Games

Tribo has reportedly raised a valuation worth USD 1.17 million for its new game studio for multiplayer games using Web3 technology.

The company has been working on a multiplayer game, which is free to play. The release date for the game would be revealed later.

The Helsinki and virtual company will develop games that can create economies that are player-owned. The player-owned economies will be driven by no-fungible tokens (NFTs). According to Mike Kuussisto, CEO of the company, the money will be generated from Joakim Achrén, Sisu Game Ventures, and Play Ventures.

He said that Multiplayer shines in Web3. He continued by saying they have experience with deep economies and deep collection systems which will help them in leveling these games with Web3.

Kuusisto has been putting his thoughts in economies that are player owned ever since he invested thousands of hours into World of Warcraft and ultimately wanted to sell off his account.

The founders have a combined experience of 60 years in building mobile games. They are known for developing games such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, Nonstop Knight, and Plants Vs Zombies.

He said Web3 is majorly about new web design opportunities and possibilities. Players are demanding more from their games.

He added by saying that with free-to-play games they have 15 years of labels as to how to do such things. Now they want to create something new that hasn’t been possible for the virtual world.

He believes that open economies and digital ownership are building blocks for Tribo so as to have new gaming experiences.

Gaming audiences will move to player-owned economies and new experiences around them. Kuusisto will set up its third game, previous games being Kopla Games.

Today’s announcement will be celebrated with the company launching a free NFT collection called Flameys for its community.

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