Google Chrome Launches Emergency Update Against High-Severity Threat

In order to solve the high-severity flaws, Google engineers have reportedly released an emergency update for the chrome web browser. This flaw in the system is exploitable by using code already in use across the globe, said company officials.

Users are advised to upgrade to the latest version, 105.0.5195.102, for Linux, macOS, and windows to mitigate potential threats, said Google.

This new version is currently rolled out on the stable desktop channel, and Google has stated that they expect it to reach all of their users within a couple of weeks or days.

The company said the web browser would also perform a self-check to see if any new updates are available, and it will automatically install any updates for us.

Browsers vendors said it is yet to share technical information regarding these incidents. According to Google, access to information about bugs and links related to them can be blocked until the vast majority of users are brought up to date with a fix.

The Goggle officials said if the bug exists in a third-party library, they will also retain restrictions to avoid any threat.

By postponing the publication of extra information on these threats, Google is probably trying to give consumers a lot of time to upgrade their software and thwart any attempts to exploit a vulnerability in it.

Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) revealed in its report that hackers exploited the CVE-2022-0609 flaw in North Korea.

The vulnerability was exploited in the campaigns that spread malware by sending emails containing job solicitations and hosting hidden iframes that served exploit kits on compromised websites.

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