With VR Project Quality Issues, Zuckerberg Is Focusing On Meta Connect

The company’s virtual reality social network still has some quality issues, according to internal reports. Nevertheless, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, is scheduled to provide an update on the company’s progress toward creating the $10 billion Metaverse.

On October 11, the firm will host the virtual Meta Connect conference for creators, tech aficionados, developers, and others.

A current high-wired headset with mixed reality, “Project Cambria,” and the development of the Metaverse will also be discussed by Zuckerberg.

It appears that Meta Horizon Worlds can be attended in VR if you own a Meta Quest 2 headset.

The main Metaverse event takes place just after Vishal Shah, Meta’s VP of Metaverse, reportedly informed the staff that the Metaverse team will persist in a “quality lockdown” for the remainder of the year to make sure that we address our performance and quality gaps before we expand Horizon to more users.

He warned them in an internal memo that an experience must first become pleasurable and memorable in order to be useful and well-crafted.

In response to jokes about his shoddy Metaverse avatar, Zuckerberg was compelled to share new screenshots on Instagram and Facebook in August that featured a more realistic representation of himself.

The same month, Zuckerberg stepped up his $10 billion Metaverse ambition, and Vivek Sharma, the vice president of Indian descent for Meta’s Horizon social media virtual reality (VR) platform, left.

According to a representative for Meta, the business is certain that the Metaverse will shape computing in the future and that it should be designed with people at its center.

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