Samsung and Google Leverage Matter to Make Smart Home Devices Smarter

Two of the world’s most renowned tech firms, Google and Samsung, reportedly announced a new collaboration that would make setting up devices with Matter support on the Google Home and Samsung SmartThings platform simpler.

The Korean tech giant Samsung, at their Conference held in San Fransisco, has announced plans its plans to enhance its SmartThings app in the upcoming months, allowing users to onboard Matter-enabled devices regardless of whether they are set up in Google’s environment or vice versa.

For the uninitiated, Matter I s an IoT standard being developed by tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Apple to assure compatibility among competing smartphone platforms. If sources are to be believed, the first set of specifications for developer certification will be authorized by the connectivity Standards Alliance, the organization behind Matter.

The multi-admin features of Matter are being used by Samsung, the company said, to make it simple to locate and manage suitable devices across several applications. Once the SmartThings app is updated, users will be able to see Matter-enabled gadgets that were originally set up in Google’s environment and then transfer them into Samsung’s environment and vice versa.

Samsung, the largest producer of Android developers, places great importance on its relationship with Google. According to the statement released by Samsung’s Corporate VP and head of SmartThings, Jaeyeon Jung, this new multi-admin functionality is a natural extension of their partnership and will help them better serve the needs of the millions of people who use Google and Samsung products.

The basic premise of multi-admin support is that once all smart home devices speak the same language (i.e., Matter), they will be compatible with any smart home software, regardless of manufacturer. This will put an end to fragmentation and compatibility limits.

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