Apple to Comply with EU’s USB-C Rule in Their Future Phones

Reportedly, Apple said it would change its charging port to USB-C from the lightning connector. There has been high demand from consumers to change the charging port.

Companies said that it would comply with new European Union (EU) rules, which require all smartphones to work with a common USB-C charging cable by the year 2024.

In this month, the European Parliament voted for legislation that made phone makers adopt USB-C by 2024. This will pressurize the tech giant for making the changes.

Senior Vice President of Apple, Greg Joswiak, said that the company will follow EU’s rules but refrained from sharing any details.

Joswiak wasn’t pleased with the rules as to how governments have been reacting to this issue. Ten years before, the EU was insistent on micro USB connectors but had a disagreement with them.

He said that all of the devices are compatible with USB-C or USB-A.

It is set to come into force after 20 days after the publication and rules are set to apply after two years after the date.

Apple approached the issue differently as he said that while the EU’s aim was to decrease the use of power adaptors.

Apple introduced the lighting connector 10 years back and has been a primary connector for many devices such as the iPad, AirPods, and iPhone.

The company has been using USB-C as the primary connector. The EU is not the only region, which has been pushing for common chargers.

In June senators, Ed Markey, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren have been advocating to follow EU’s rules. Other countries such as India and Brazil are considering following the rule.

In 2018, the EU tried to reach the resolution but failed to make it a law as Apple argued that a common charging port could hamper innovation.

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