Cygnus Entertainment to Reboot Colossal Cave Adventure with a 3D Touch

Developer Cygnus Entertainment has reportedly disclosed that Colossal Cave, an imminent 3D rebooting of the 1976 text-adventure game Colossal Cave Adventure freshly pictured by Roberta Williams, is set to be unveiled for Switch alongside the formerly declared Mac, PC, and Quest 2 versions by 2022.

For the uninitiated, Colossal Cave is a game intended for both action as well as adventure game fanatics. Roberta Williams is renowned for the King’s Quest sequences of games, and similar to the series, she wishes for Colossal Cave to entice the gamers of all age groups.

Closely replicated and related to the original one, the game is said to have exciting characters and riddles that will attract users towards the Colossal Cave universe with more than 143 sites in the game.

Key Features in the Game

  • Don Woods and Will Crowther be authentic with the original text adventure.
  • Witness virtual reality, experience totally mesmerizing hands-on 3-D world.
  • First-person perspective action-adventure game emphasized on new discovery.
  • Players communicate with articles and possessions for cracking riddles and tasks.
  • More than 143 settings present in-game.
  • There is a tailored sound world, and music created by Dan Policar, a music artist with a Grammy nomination.

About Colossal Cave

Colossal Cave is a game presented for game enthusiastic who are into action and adventure games. The Colossal Cave, an ancient shrine devoted to discovery, is an exciting experience for the gamers demonstrating appealing characters and brain-stimulating riddles in a completely-immersive space.

Roberta Williams has been recognized for Kings Quest games, and at correspondingly she expects the Colossal Cave to be relished by numerous users. Several parents too have been witnessed to have enjoyed the original game back in their time.

About Cygnus Entertainment

Cygnus Entertainment was founded in October 2021 by Ken and Roberta Williams. Ken and Roberta Williams are famously renowned as the creators of Sierra On-Line, a well-known publication company which was established in 1979 and successfully operated for 20 years before shutting down.

In 2020, the Williams came up with the resolution to reboot and relaunch themselves in the games business by presenting Cygnus Entertainment.

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