Steam Launches Drifter’s Superior Co-Op Shooter

Today, Drifter will release Superior, a co-op third-person shooter, on Steam. Gala Games offers a blockchain version for you to play.

In this game, you battle superheroes who have become terrible abominations due to corruption. It also marks a significant turning point for Drifter, a company that has changed course in order to remain a viable independent game developer. The choice by Drifter to create two distinct versions of the game is as intriguing as the game itself.

Players battle throughout hours of dynamically shifting terrain where they come across new obstacles and monsters as they complete their quest. As players go through the difficulties, more content is exposed routes, mission objectives, and enemies are dynamically redesigned.

The early access price of the game from Jackson, Wyoming-based Drifter is $25; but, during its first week of sale, it will be 15% off. The publisher Gala Games also offers a blockchain version of the game.

Ray Davis, Drifter’s CEO, and Brian Murphy, its cofounder, told Games Beat that the organization began making VR games as soon as possible, including Lies Beneath, Robo Recall: Unplugged, and VR shooter Gunheart.

Although the VR efforts were not as successful as expected, Davis was pleased with the company’s efforts. The studio made the decision to resume producing PC games like Superior.

We actually released our final Oculus-published VR game. Lies Beneath was that song. And that game was a lot of pleasure for us. We continue to be big supporters of virtual reality.

However, he’s sure that people are aware of the market as it was in a bit of a strange situation previously, Davis remarked. Therefore, we made the decision to put this on hold and return to our core game principles.

It has taken the company about 2.5 years to get here, which is a lengthy time.

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