ForeVR Announces Latest Casual VR Title For Quest 2 and Pro Headsets

ForeVR Pool rolled out its latest casual VR game today. As the name suggests, a VR game allows people to play pool against one another on virtual tables. For Meta Quest 2 and Pro headsets, it becomes available now.

ForeVR Pool is an exciting addition to our library of family-friendly sports games, according to ForeVR CEO Marcus Segal.

The team is thrilled to offer users their very own Pool Halls where they can get together with friends, family, coworkers, or even make new friends in lovely VR settings.

Segal continued by saying that ForeVR Pool is a ton of fun to play and is absolutely the ideal complement to our connected universe of casual games.

Players can compete against each other or non-player characters in ForeVR Pool’s single-player and multiplayer modes.

The game includes configurable match settings, unlocked cues, and simulated surroundings from Brooklyn, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and Paris.

It offers pass-and-play for users using a single headset and private rooms for two spectators as well as participants.

The new pool game, which can be played either right-handedly or left-handedly, supports 26 different languages, according to ForeVR, and is made to be accessible to a variety of players.

Recently, ForeVR said that the company has raised $10 million to create its VR games.

In its earlier games, users could play VR versions of games like corn hole and darts.

On December 6, Dwarf Fortress Steam Edition will be available. The eagerly anticipated release is thrilling since it is the same game as before but with new graphics and a few other quality-of-life improvements.

Adams stated that the version of Dwarf Fortress that was available at the time, 0.42.06, reproduced around 42% of reality, as he perceived it in a 2016 PC Gamer interview from GDC. 6 years later, the most recent release is 0.47.05.

It is not just a base-building god game, Dwarf Fortress. It is a simulation of reality. Considering that developer, Tarn Adams has publicly stated as much that is not really hyperbole.

With the help of this living project, which was launched in 2003, he is attempting to replicate all the key elements of reality.

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