ELIYA Raises $40 M from Micron and Intel for Chiplet Interconnects

To increase the processing power of their hardware, computer chip designers are employing “chiplet” architectures as Moore’s law persists.

Compared to conventional designs, chiplets have several benefits. However, in the early stages, they frequently struggle with assembly concerns including difficulties combining performance, cost, power consumption, and time to market.

Chiplets are integrated circuit-building pieces akin to Legos that may be combined with other chiplets of a similar design to create sophisticated, stackable chips that improve performance while retaining a similar body footprint.

In 2021, Ramin Fajadrad, Patrick Soheili, and Syrus Ziai created Eliyan, a chiplet interconnect startup, with the goal of overcoming the challenges associated with chiplet development.

The business claims that its NuLink technology, developed by Eliyan, joins chiplet elements using conventional chip packaging to produce quicker and better energy-efficient processors.

Eliyan has origins in Aquantia, a former firm that Marvell purchased in 2019. Farjadrad, who co-founded Aquantia and spent almost 15 years as the company’s principal engineer, claims that the innovation has been under research since 2017.

The first silicon is expected to enter the market in Q2 2023, thus Eliyan hasn’t yet commercialized its technology. However, the business claims to have completed the last manufacturing phase, known as a tape-out, utilizing semiconductor maker TSMC’s 5 nm process. A “process” is an architectural platform in chip jargon; TSMC started mass-producing 5 nm devices in 2020.

According to Farjadrad, Eliyan’s approach makes processors more easily and practically manufacturable by allowing them to grow in performance and power. More computing power will always be needed, and Eliyan is allowing a crucial part of ensuring scaling for any kind of powerful computational application.

Some potential clients might hesitate since Eliyan’s technology isn’t currently available on the market. There are well-known chip industry backers for Eliyan, including Cerberus Capital, Tracker Capital, Celesta Capital, Intel, and Micron. These companies together contributed $40 million to Eliyan’s Series A tranche.

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