Amazon Launches New Powerful Domestic Security & Surveillance Camera

Ecommerce giant Amazon has reportedly rolled out a new USD 100 offering to its camera line. The new Amazon Blink Floodlight camera apparently comes with more brightness and smarter features.

Powered by Amazon’s AZ2 processors, the camera offers powerful LED lighting. Amazon says the Blink Floodlight Camera is its first wired floodlight offering. With this product, the online retail giant has expanded its existing line-up of reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use security devices.

The below-USD 100 device delivers a mix of value and performance along with powerful lighting and all-in-one security. At this price, the Blink Floodlight camera is a handy and practical device.

The camera offers users to set “preferred motion detection” zones, including person detection, so that the camera does not notify users about other objects such as animals or birds.

Amazon’s Blink Wired Floodlight camera leverages the smarts of Amazon silicon, enabling features like local video processing and computer vision. It records in 1080p and offers HD live view. Additionally, the LED lights are a powerhouse, throwing out 2,600 lumens of light when used.

According to Amazon, users have the option to store video clips locally using a USD flash drive. Users can also store the photos and videos on the cloud via a Blink subscription plan.

For better operation, amazon offers the Blink Mini Pan Tilt mount, which allows the camera to tilt and pan and look out for kids, pets, and burglars around the house.

The Blink Wired Floodlight camera would be available in the US for USD 99.99 in the coming months. Meanwhile, interested buyers in the US and Canada can preorder and avail the Blink Mini Pan Tilt right away. Apparently Amazon’s Blink microsite offers the option to order both the devices.

The ecommerce giant is also launching an entry-level USD 35 camera.

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