Lauren Spencer Smith’s Complete VMAs Performance Now Out on YouTube

A number of noteworthy moments were seen on Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards broadcast. Two of the best performances of the night, however, were not seen in their entirety.

In addition to the main broadcast, there was an extended play stage where some up-and-coming artists performed snippets of their work.

“Extended Play” was given to Lauren Spencer Smith whose performances of “Fingers Crossed” and “Flowers” captured the attention of the judges. Even in those short snippets, Spencer Smith displayed her powerhouse vocal abilities.

In just a few months, her heartbreaking ballad added more than two million new TikTok users. An outstanding achievement for an unsigned artist. The fact that Spencer-Smith competed on season 18 of American Idol and finished in the top 20 meant that many of her fans were already familiar with her.

Reportedly, “Fingers Crossed” was released last Wednesday and has already made its Billboard Hot 100 debut at No. 69. After a full week, it is sure to go up the list. The 18-year-old learns a valuable lesson from the suffering that inspired “Fingers Crossed” and the healthier relationship that followed it, despite the song’s chart placements, new fans, and buzz.

After numerous “passionate” comments pleading for a studio version, “Fingers Crossed” was released on streaming services in early January and has since been spreading like wildfire over social media for the past three months. The popularity of Spencer-fellow Smith’s heartache pop queen Spencer-career Smith’s had an uncannily similar path.

However, music lovers won’t have to be content with the scant samples they saw on television. The whole versions of both performances were posted by MTV on YouTube, and they are excellent. They contain what unquestionably rank as the night’s best — and most emotionally impactful — vocal performances, even though they may not have the production value of some of the biggest main stage performances.

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