Samsung Looks For Smart TV Growth With Licensing Deals From Tizen OS

Samsung is getting ready to ship its Tizen operating system-based smart TVs. Several manufacturing companies are getting ready to launch Tizen-powered TVs this year in Australasia and Europe.

Tizen is a Linux-based OS, which is hosted by the Linux Foundation for more than 10 years. Samsung has been a primary developer and has been driving the project.

It has been used in myriad devices such as kitchen appliances, smartwatches, smartphones, TVs, and cameras.

Samsung has left Tizen in smartwatches and smartphones, but TVs are still a fertile ground for Tizen to flourish because Samsung is one of the biggest TV makers globally.

Recent figures have shown that the market share for Tizen in 2020 was one-third in terms of installation base, but the share has been descending due to the arrival of Roku and Android TV. They have been going upward.

Samsung has been trying to counter this by opening opportunities for third parties. The company has plans for licensing Tizen to other manufacturing TV companies in the past year, which has taken a year for the results to show.

Manufacturers include HKC, which has brands; Sunny, and Axen, Atmaca, which has brands; RCA and Vispera, and Tempo, which has brands; Linsar, Bauhn, and Akai will be going to market this year.

It will serve various countries such as Turkey, U.K., Spain, Italy, and New Zealand.

This deal is set to be lucrative for Samsung for increasing revenues from licensing deals.

New and existing hardware makers have a wide range of operating systems from companies such as Roku, Google, and LG. Latter has opened its WebOS operating system for third parties.

Tizen TVs will have various features such as Bixby, which is Samsung’s virtual assistant.

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