NSW Begins Trialing Cashless Gaming

The first experiment of cashless gambling has begun in New South Wales.

Approximately 200 Wests Newcastle leagues club members were given access to the new technology on Saturday as part of a 3-month trial aimed at reducing wage harms and strengthening anti-money laundering efforts.

The trial follows a number of regulatory investigations conducted throughout Australia, as well as two in New South Wales, which determined that Star Entertainment Group and Crown Resorts were unfit to hold licenses for The Star Sydney and Crown Sydney, respectively.

In an effort to ensure suitability, Crown and Star entered into a cashless gaming agreement last year. Casino patrons at the state’s casinos are now limited to $1,000 (US$690) in cash transactions a day, according to new regulations that went into effect in September.

The launch of a three-month cashless gaming trial at Wests Newcastle, according to Minister for Hospitality and Racing Kevin Anderson, will examine how the technology performs under real-world circumstances and explore its potential advantages for establishments and customers.

The trial is a part of an innovative new era, he added, when products like digital wallets give customers more ease and control over their expenditure and aid establishments and law enforcement in identifying potential money laundering situations.

The trial, in which Light & Wonder, Utopia Gaming, and IGT have also been granted the go-ahead to participate, enables players to establish restrictions on the frequency of play, session length, spending, and overall bets within a predetermined time frame. These restrictions are final after 24 hours.

The trials will examine various solutions and technologies to permit cashless gaming in NSW and try critical harm minimization strategies that will assist people in exercising greater control over their gambling, Minister Anderson continued.

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