Kentucky Man Charged With Terroristic Threatening in D/T Louisville

According to a statement by Louisville Metro Police, a Kentucky-based individual has been arrested for a criminal activity regarding a terroristic threat in association with an “explosive gadget hoax” in the downtown area of Louisville.

Jimmy Smith Jr., aged 49, was taken into custody on Friday for being linked with a suspicious gadget that was later located near the juncture of 5th Street and Jefferson Street.

As per an arrest statement, calls related to the distrustful pack at the juncture inside of a TARC bus stop came in at across 7:58 a.m.

Reportedly, the officers detected 7 white cylinders with tubes, a circuit board and wire joined. The statement mentions the word “bomb” was inscribed on the tubes.

Spokespersons stated that the TARC bus facility was adjourned for seven hours and vehicle congestion was redirected as the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Bomb Squad, SWAT Team and additional officers operated to vacate the area.

Surveillance video directed the investigators to the narrative of an alleged person, who was then recognized and detained in the 1300 block of Dixie Highway.

A laboratory identified the evidence presented by FBI, which associated Smith to the package, and the suspect later confessed to officers of his connection with the device.

Smith was arrested on an active Kentucky arrest permit for objection with the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry.

LMPD Chief Erika Shields cited in a statement that she appreciates the rapid and hardworking work on this cooperative investigation, which concluded in the secure arrest of this suspect. The Chief also went ahead and stated that the dangers with public security are unbearable and those accountable will be held answerable.

Louisville Metro Police Department and its Bomb Squad, Hazardous Incident Response Team, Real Time Crime Center, SWAT Team, and Homeland Security Unit along with its 41st Civil Support Team as well as the FBI managed this joint inquiry.

Smith was summoned in court on Saturday, where a judge set a penalty amount of USD 100,000.

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