Critics Say New Avatar Movie Is A ‘Damp Squib’ – (Spoilers Ahead!)

James Cameron-directed blockbuster Avatar came out 13 years ago, beating his previous blockbuster Titanic. The film immediately gained traction to become the highest-grossing movie ever made.

Nearly 13 years have passed on the magical jungle moon Pandora as well. Jake Sully’s mind is now installed in Na’vi body and he is the clan chief. His wife Neytiri has four children.

Their happy life is disrupted when Pandora-bound spaceships from Earth descent on the moon. Invaders destroy miles of jungle through fire, like the beginning of Terminator 2.

Driving gigantic robotic exoskeletons, they destroy the jungle and its quickly pretty clear that this is Cameraman’s greatest film and some sequences come from the Titanic and the Abyss.

Jake, amidst human’s intentions towards hundred percent complete conquest, strikes a guerilla war against everyone, blows railwy tracks and loots ammunition.

Colonel Miles, who died when Avatar ended, transferred his memoirs into a Na’vi body. Now, so he is the super-strong and tall and powerful and blue like Sully. Apparently, he also tastes bitter regarding the matter of he died in the first movie so he’s mad at everyone.

They set the stage for a breathtaking adventure but Cameron takes the movie in a new direction, making way of water a damp squib.

Jake figures out that Miles, who was revived, holds grudge against him. Him and his family rocket off on their pet dragon to an archipelago which is distant. They hide their amongst their tribe.

For Jake as well as Cameron, it is a confusing choice. Through avatar, Cameron didn’t tell use much about Jake. However, it is evident he is a gung-ho soldier. Critics say he scurried away rather than fighting making it a cowardly choice.

Cameron asks viewers to forget about the destruction of Pandora’s forests and to enjoy Sully and his family’s holiday at the beach instead.

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